We are a frontline producer of Oleochems. The latest entrant in the Indian Oleochem scene, we are also the most competitive players.

We are the youngest subsidiary of the Ruchi Group of Industries. The Ruchi Group, Founded in early 1970s, is one of the top Indian conglomerates with interests in Edible Oils, Health Foods, Dairy and Steel. The Group commands largest market share of edible oils in India.

Our automated plant at Kandla in India synthesizes a varied range of chemical including Stearic Acids, Glycerin, Soya Fatty Acids, Split Acid Oils and Soap Noodles. Being the lateral linkage arm of Ruchi’s vegetable oil refineries, we are uniquely positioned to source our raw materials with high degree of specification fidelity. Our extensive network is further strengthened by the global supply chain of Ruchi Group, which ensures quality, timely supply and significant cost control.

Our plant complies with CGMP standards. High level of automation ensures minimum human interaction of the materials of processes. Being a new plant, we have the distinction of employing the latest in the technology. Our plant affords minute adjustments and controls in critical process parameters that are hard to achieve in older plants. This lends significant quality and specification standards to our products. Your products perform better because you can now include finely specified ingredients in them.

The port town of Kandla gives us the logistic advantage and keeps our products competitive in domestic as well export markets. With tank storage facilities at Kandla port, we have been exporting our products from the very beginning and have a healthy export profile in the middle east and the African markets.

We are acutely aware that the quality of our products decides the performance of yours. We employ good man-power to operate good plant that uses good raw material and produces good products so that you may achieve outstanding results in your markets.

We produce Chemistry for Great Products.

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